TMH Tver double-deck coach (1)

RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Tver plant has obtained certification for the latest version of the double-deck sleeping cars which it is supplying to Federal Passenger Co under a February 2019 framework agreement. This covers the delivery of up to 3 730 coaches of various types by 2025.

TMH Tver double-deck coach (4)

The Type 61-4523 and 61-4524 coaches are an update of designs from 2019, with pneumatic suspensions for a smoother ride and a new body frame providing higher ceilings and more space above the upper berths on the top floor. The air-conditioning can be controlled individually for each compartment, and each passenger has a personal safe.

TMH Tver double-deck coach (2)

The coaches operate in fixed pairs, with each vehicle providing 16 four-berth compartments and three toilets, one of which is equipped with a shower.

TMH Tver double-deck coach (3)

The Type 61-4523 incorporates a space for vending machines and coffee makers, as well as racks for luggage, bicycles or skis.

TMH Tver double-deck coach (5)

The Type 61-4524 includes staff accommodation and a compartment for passengers with reduced mobility and their travelling companion; it has a wheelchair lift for use at low platforms and facilities for rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency.