Fenniarail Vectron impression

FINLAND: Private freight operator Fenniarail has announced a firm order for Siemens Mobility to supply one Vectron electric locomotive by the end of October 2023, with an option for a further four.

The operator is to invest in a maintenance depot in the Kouvola region, and has signed a long-term maintenance and repair agreement with Siemens Finland.

Fennniarail said the 1 524 mm gauge 6·4 MW Vectron designed for Finnish conditions would enable it to increase train weights to more than 2 000 tonnes and lower emissions compared to diesel locos, and support future growth by attracting new clients.

The 200 km/h design will have radio remote-control and two 180 kW diesel power modules for shunting in non-electrified sidings.

‘Acquiring potentially five electric locomotives is a notable growth leap for our company and at the same time a natural decision as Fenniarail is reducing its carbon emissions’, said Chairman Petri Lempiäinen on September 29.

‘The company’s aim is to offer environmentally friendly logistic solutions in freight traffic and electric locomotives keep us on this strategic path. With this investment we also ensure our future growth and new locomotive investments in the future shall mainly be electric.’