Bryansk Engineering Plant gas-fuelled TEM19 shunting locomotive.

RUSSIA: Bryansk Engineering Plant’s prototype gas-fuelled TEM19 shunting locomotive has passed acceptance trials, and a pilot batch of up to 50 locomotives is now planned.

The TEM19 was developed by Transmashholding subsidiary BMZ, with partners including Uralcryomash Volzhsky Diesel and the VNIKTI rolling stock research institute in Kolomna. The trials were undertaken at Yegorshino yard northeast of Yekaterinburg, where the locomotive operated for 1 328 h under normal shunting conditions, moving 19 401 wagons.

Gas fuelling offers lower emissions than a diesel locomotive, but the main interest is in cost reduction, with the trials suggesting it could cut annual energy costs by 20% compared to a conventional locomotive.

The TEM19 is assembled from modules, including the cab, cryogenic gas storage and the reciprocating engine and generator. Auxiliary equipment is located in a separate underframe module, and there is an automatic fire and gas detection system.