Hitachi Energy Resibloc-1

INNOTRANS: Hitachi Energy has developed an onboard traction transformer with integrated cooling, aimed at improving energy efficiency in rolling stock applications and reducing emissions.

Launched at InnoTrans in Berlin, the latest iteration of the Resibloc Rail product family is a dry-type traction transformer, capable of handling power supply voltages up to 25 kV 50 Hz. A ‘plug and play’ design is intended to reduce installation complexity for vehicle manufacturers while retaining the benefits of dry-type transformers, which do not contain oil.

Hitachi Energy launched the Resibloc range in 2018, offering a transformer suitable for supply voltages up to 15 kV. Subsequent development of the technology has allowed the input voltage to be increased to 25 kV. The transformers can also now be offered with a factory-fitted cooling system.

‘Dry-type transformers offer unmatched protection to people, property and the surrounding environment’, said Bruno Melles, Managing Director of the Transformers Business Unit at Hitachi Energy. ‘This pioneering transformer technology will help accelerate a sustainable energy future for the rail industry.’