UWC's tank cars for PhosAgro

RUSSIA: Fertiliser producer PhosAgro Group has ordered a further 56 molten sulphur tank wagons from United Wagon Co.

They are scheduled to be delivered from UWC’s TikhvinChemMash factory by the end of the year. PhosAgro has around 2 500 modern wagons supplied by UWC, and the latest order will take its Type 15-6913 sulphur tank wagon fleet to 168 vehicles.

UWC said the design was one of its most technically sophisticated, with an insulated tank to maintain the cargo in a liquid state at sub-zero temperatures, a double stainless steel casing and electric heating to facilitate unloading.

The tanks have a capacity of 44 m3 or 72 tonnes, up to 9 tonnes more than older designs. The wagons are fitted with Type 18-9855 bogies which have a 25 tonne axleload and offer maintenance intervals of up to 1 million km or eight years.