CRRC Delivers Four Additional Second-Generation SDA1 Locomotives to SCT Logistics in Australia.

AUSTRALIA: China’s CRRC Ziyang has shipped a batch of second-generation SDA1 diesel locomotives ordered by SCT Logistics.

SCT ordered an initial six first-generation SDA1 ‘Pandaroo’ locomotives in September 2010 for delivery in 2011, and a further four in March 2011. It ordered 12 of the second-generation design in mid-2021.

The delivery of the latest locos takes the number of SDA1 locos in Australia to 30, including two which SCT acquired from Braken and six owned by Qube.

The type was withdrawn from traffic in October 2013 following the discovery of asbestos, which was removed before the locomotives returned to service in early 2014. The first of the locos have now covered 1 million km.

The SDA1 is rated at 3·15 MW, is equipped with an MTU engine, AC transmission and has the capability of hauling 8 000 tonnes at 120 km/h.

The second generation of the design incudes changes to make maintenance easier, as well as to improve ventilation to provide more comfort for the driver and ‘significantly’ improving overall performance.