Hebei Jingche Rail Transit Vehicle Equipment hydrogen LRV

CHINA: A hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery powered light rail vehicle designed for catenary-free operation on suburban lines, in scenic areas and at locations such as airports has been unveiled at Baoding in central Hebei province.

The high-floor LRV has been developed by Hebei Jingche Rail Transit Vehicle Equipment Co in co-operation with Beijing Rail Transit Technology Equipment Group and Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co under a ‘Beijing R&D, Hebei Manufacturing’ model.

The vehicle has a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h and is expected to have a range of at least 100 km on one charge. Regenerated braking energy is used to recharge the battery, while waste heat from the fuel cell can be used to warm the interior in winter.

The two-section articulated vehicle is 30 m long and 2 650 mm wide. It has a 12 tonne axleload, and is able to negotiate curves down to 40 m. The wheels have been designed for quiet running.

Hebei Jingche Rail Transit Vehicle Equipment hydrogen LRV cab

The interior has 2+1 seating and provides a total capacity of 236 passengers. A glass ‘magic window’ enables passenger information to be displayed on the rear cab.

Up to four LRVs will be able to operate in multiple, and the design allows for potential automatic operation in the future.