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Canadian company Trainfo is seeking beta testers for an app which will provide motorists with predictions of when level crossings will be occupied by trains, allowing them to reroute to traffic delays.

Knorr Bremse Merak Getafe headquarters

The supervisory board of Knorr-Bremse AG has appointed Dr Jan Michael Mrosik as Chairman of the executive board for three years from January 1 2021. It has also extended the appointment of Dr Jürgen Wilder, executive board member responsible for the Rail Vehicle Systems division, by five years from September 1 2021. ‘In Dr Mrosik we have gained a highly experienced manager who has extensive expertise in the management of complex corporate units at Siemens’, said supervisory board Chairman Prof Dr Klaus Mangold on November 4. ‘In addition to his experience in strategic and operational management, Dr Mrosik has a distinct expertise especially in the areas of automation and digitisation.’


Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance has provided a £50m bilateral receivables facility to support British Steel as it looks to expand production and sales of premium long products, including rails. Secure Trust Bank worked with PwC’s debt advisory team to understand the steelmaker’s needs.


The Eurofima board has appointed Chief Operating Officer Harry Müller as CEO with effect from November 1, after Alfred Buder stepped down. CFO Haldun Kuru has also assumed additional responsibilities.

Midwest Industrial Supply has announced the 2020 launch of its seasonal anti-icing and deicing products for turnouts and third rails. ‘Winter is the most challenging season for railway operation’, said Assistant Director Eric Vantiegham. ‘Trains become disabled, schedules get delayed, people and loads get stranded, and crews are overstressed. Midwest’s rail anti-icing systems are a proactive way to avoid these issues.’


Heinz Bähr became Managing Director of Hübner’s cab equipment subsidiary Gersys on November 1.

Systra has obtained international ISO 37001 certification for its anti-bribery management system in France and India. ‘ISO 37001 is an excellent way to ensure that our management systems evolve towards full compliance with the legal standards that have developed in many countries since the 1997 OECD convention: FCPA in the USA, Bribery Act in the UK and Loi Sapin 2 in France’, said Group Compliance Officer Jérôme Hernot. ‘We are pleased to have reached this milestone following several months of work’.