EUROPE: Croatian wagon manufacturer Đuro Đaković and Poland’s Newag Gliwice have signed a co-operation agreement which could see a 25 kV 50 Hz version of Newag’s Griffin E4ACU electric locomotive produced at Đuro Đaković’s Slavonski Brod plant for Croatian and other markets.

Đuro Đaković formerly produced diesel locomotives, but now only manufactures wagons. ‘Co-operation with the renowned Polish firm Newag guarantees mutual benefits for the two countries' economies’, said Đuro Đaković President Vladimir Kovačević.

‘This is a huge feat for both Croatia and Đuro Đaković, seeing as locomotive building will return to Slavonski Brod after 23 years, while for the first time ever we will have the opportunity build electric locomotives in Đuro Đaković. Thanks to this agreement, highly sophisticated know-how which Croatia lacks at the moment, will come to the country, while we will be able to sell the locomotives manufactured in Croatia in both EU and non-EU markets.’

Under the agreement, Newag would be able to offer Đuro Đaković wagons in the Polish and selected other markets.