EUROPE: Funded under the European Union’s FP7 research programme, the Secure Station project is seeking input via an online survey from transport users as part of its study to develop improved guidelines for the design of major transport hubs.

Secure Station is seeking to reduce the risk of all types of crime and anti-social behaviour by ‘designing out’ such threats at new build or refurbished facilities. The project partners, which include the UK’s University of Sheffield and project leader Isdefe, a Spanish defence consultancy, are examining issues such as CCTV use, staffing levels and baggage screening.

The research team is also looking at the cost-effectiveness of including additional security measures.

‘Options such as increasing CCTV coverage, employing a greater number of security personnel, or good station design are all ways to improve security. Each option will vary in cost, effectiveness and perceived loss of privacy by passengers. If the survey shows that privacy is more important to passengers than cost, then this could influence how attractive particular security options are for the railway business’, said Dr Emma Carter.