United Wagon Co’s TikhvinChemMash tank wagon business is to supply 105 methanol tanks to Metafrax.

RUSSIA: United Wagon Co’s TikhvinChemMash tank wagon business has won its first order, covering the supply of 105 methanol tanks to chemical company Metafrax. Production is to begin by the end of the year, with entry into service planned for 2016.

Announcing the contract on November 3, UWC said the design had been developed in close co-operation with Metafrax. The wagons will have 25 tonne axleload bogies, with the 71·5 tonne or 94 m3 capacity being higher than existing designs. The wagons are designed for a service life of 32 years.

UWC estimates that 15 000 Russian tank wagons will reach the end of their life by 2020, or about 40% of the total. The company is planning to offer a range of more than 15 types of tank wagon, and Metafrax is planning an order for Type 15-6900-01 stainless steel tank wagons for transporting formaldehyde.