UK: British Steel now offers its Zinoco corrosion protection system on longer lengths of rail. Zinoco provides high levels of impact and abrasion resistance, and has a zinc-rich sacrificial coating which corrodes in preference to the steel.

Developed at the Scunthorpe plant and first introduced in 2016, Zinoco is designed for harsh environments such as coastal areas, level crossings and wet tunnels where rails can become contaminated with salt, water, minerals and biological matter.

‘Building on Zinoco’s success, and a seven-figure investment in new equipment, we’re delighted to launch the world’s first ultra-long corrosion-protected rail in a single 108 m piece; or 216 m with a single weld’, said Commercial Director Rail Craig Harvey on January 28.

‘The improved Zinoco is also the world’s first rail with a super-hydrophobic finish that repels water and dirt. Available in any length from 9 m to 216 m, the new finish enhances the protection Zinoco offers, further reducing the frequency of rail replacement programmes, which impact on network operators and passengers.’