The Togfonden DK infrastructure investment fund would finance railway infrastructure upgrades in Denmark (Photo Jens Hasse/Chili Foto).

DENMARK: Electrification of all main lines 'as soon as practicable' and works to reduce each leg of a København - Odense - Aarhus - Aalborg journey to 1 h are to be financed from North Sea oil revenues through a DKr27·5bn Togfonden DK infrastructure investment fund, the government announced on March 1.

Transport Minister Henrik Dam Kristensen said the investment would 'shape the future of rail by implementing a historic improvement of train services'.

The aim is to public transport's market share to increase sustainability and reduce road congestion. Future rolling stock orders could be based on 'proven' electric trains to avoid a repeat of the problems affecting the IC4 inter-city DMU fleet.

Projects needed to provide 1 h journey times between the cities will include a new double-track high speed line on Fyn, a new bridge over Vejle Fjord, and a new alignment south of Aarhus.

  • A cross-party agreement to build a DKr3·5bn replacement Storstrøms Bridge was announced on March 21. The combined road, rail, pedestrian and bicycle bridge is to be completed in 2021, allowing 200 km/h running on the Fehmarn Belt route from København to Germany.

Value, DKr bn

Togfonden DK investment programme

ProjectCost, DKr billionCompletion
Direct Odense - Middelfart line in western Fyn5·4
Vejle Fjord bridge to bypass Vejle4·0
Hovedgård - Aarhus new alignment3·4
Fredericia - Aarhus line speed increases1·1
Other journey time reduction works4·9
Fredericia - Aalborg5·02020
Roskilde - Kalundborg1·22022
Vejle - Struer1·52025
Aalborg - Frederikshavn1·02025