EUROPE: Amsted Rail used the Transport Logistic tradeshow in München on May 9-12 to mark the extension of its telematics activities in Europe.

Amsted’s IONX subsidiary has finalised a preliminary co-operation agreement with wagon leasing business Ermewa for the supply of telematics technology. The agreement covers IONX telematics equipment, proprietary wireless sensors and the Rail Supply Chain Visibility software application. Amsted says that this integrated platform delivers ‘the benefits of advanced supply chain data science and analytics to wagon keepers and operators’. The agreement also paves the way for installation of condition monitoring equipment and related data systems on static assets to improve fleet reliability and availability.

‘Our evaluation of the various telematics alternatives across the market, largely driven by customer feedback, led us to the decision to co-operate with IONX’, said Ermewa Group Chief Executive David Zindo. ‘The ability to provide supply chain efficiency, improved asset utilisation and lower overall operating costs is very important to our customers.’

The agreement with Ermewa follows IONX’s partnership with German freight operator HVLE. In 2016, the two companies undertook running trials to test standards-based wireless intra-train communication in revenue service. This marked the first deployment of IONX’s ultra-low power wireless technology in Europe, following more than a decade of development in the North American freight market.