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    ​Nagoya Railway updates EMU fleet


    JAPAN: Nagoya Railway Co has updated its regional rolling stock fleet by introducing four Series 9500 EMUs on the 444 route-km, 1 067 mm gauge Meitetsu network radiating from the city. The Series 9500 sets have been supplied by Nippon Sharyo and the first was placed into traffic on ...

  • The FV-E991 prototype is expected to start test running in the 2021 financial year.

    JR East to trial fuel cell multiple-unit


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway has started work on a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell trainsets, a decade after early experiments with its prototype New Energy Train. The railway set an objective to ‘diversify energy’ as part of its ‘Move Up 2027’ 10-year vision adopted last year, and it hopes ...

  • Car 10 at the Aomori end of the ALFA-X trainset is distinguished by its 22 m nose (Photo: JR East).

    Completed ALFA-X test train unveiled


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway has formally unveiled its Series 956 ALFA-X high speed test train, which is due to start trial running at up to 400 km/h later this month. The completed 10-car trainset was displayed at its Sendai Shinkansen rolling stock workshops on May 9. Launched in July 2017, ...

  • Keio Railway’s special train to mark the start of the Reiwa Era ran from Shinjuki to Keio-Hachiouji on the night of April 30 to May 1 (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura).

    Keio Railway special marks start of Reiwa Era


    JAPAN: Among the special events to mark the abdication of Emperor Akihito and the accession of Emperor Naruhito, the Keio Electric Railway running west from the capital operated a commemorative limited express service over the transition from April 30 to May 1. Departing from Tokyo’s Shinjuku station at 23.45, in ...

  • Ceremonies to mark completion of the link were held on March 28. (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura)

    Sotetsu – JR East link completed


    JAPAN: Ceremonies were held in western Yokohama on March 28 to mark the completion of a new link between Sotetsu’s Sagami Railway and JR East tracks, which will allow the operation of through services from the Sagami Main Line and Izumino Line to Shinjuku station in Tokyo. Under the project, ...

  • East Japan Railway is to build a third rail route to Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

    Third rail route to Tokyo Haneda Airport finalised


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway expects to start work in May on its Haneda Airport Access Line, which would provide a third rail link to Tokyo’s largest airport. This is currently served by the Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsucho and the independent Keikyu Airport Line. Announcing the project on February 15, ...

  • The Laview EMUs will operate Seibu Railway's flagship Limited Express services from March 16. (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura)

    Laview EMUs are ready to roll


    JAPAN: The first of seven Laview luxury EMUs which will operate Seibu Railway’s premier Limited Express services between Tokyo’s Ikebukuro station and Seibu-Chichibu from March 16 was formally presented at the operator’s Kotesashi depot on February 14. Intended as the railway’s flagship, the 1 067 mm gauge Series 001 trainsets ...

  • The long-nosed ALFA-X Car 10 was unveiled at Hitachi's Kasado plant. (Photos: Akihiro Nakamura)

    ALFA-X nose is 22 m long


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway has unveiled the second driving car for its experimental ALFA-X Shinkansen trainset, which features a 22 m long aerodynamic nose designed to mitigate the sonic boom effect of entering and passing through tunnels at very high speed. Built at Hitachi's Kasado plant, Car 10 has a ...

  • The Series 2700 DMUs are being built for JR Shikoku by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura)

    Series 2700s to refresh Shikoku express services


    JAPAN: Regional operator JR Shikoku unveiled its two pre-series Series 2700 diesel multiple-units on January 23. Now undergoing test running, the two-car units are expected to enter service later this year, working Limited Express services on the island’s principal non-electrified main lines. Serving Japan’s fourth-largest island, the JR Shikoku network ...

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    JR Central to test N700S at 360 km/h


    JAPAN: President of Central Japan Railway Shin Kaneko announced on January 6 that the N700S prototype trainset will be tested at up to 360 km/h later this year. Running trials with the 16-car N700S prototype began in March last year, and the train has since achieved a maximum speed of ...

  • JR East began testing driverless operation on the Yamanote Line in the early hours of December 30 (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura).

    East Japan Railway tests driverless operation


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway is testing automatic train operation on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo, with a view to assessing the feasibility of converting routes to driverless operation. The 34·5 km circular route was selected for testing because it does not share tracks with other lines. JR East envisages that ...

  • Photos: Akihiro Nakamura

    JR East unveils first ALFA-X driving car


    JAPAN: The first driving car bodyshell for East Japan Railway’s Series 956 high speed test train was unveiled in Kobe on December 12. Being manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the 10-car trainset is expected to begin test running in May. Designated ALFA-X for Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in rail ...

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    400 km/h ALFA-X experimental train to roll in 2019


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway's ALFA-X experimental Shinkansen trainset is on course to start test running in May 2019, the railway announced on October 3. Designated Series 956, the ALFA-X is intended to pave the way for a new fleet of high speed trains as part of the railway’s Transform 2027 ...

  • A 40 ft container equipped with temperature, moisture and vibration sensors has been transported by sea and rail from Kobe to Moscow in 14 days.

    Japan to Moscow intermodal service tested


    INTERNATIONAL: A 40 ft container equipped with temperature, moisture and vibration sensors has been transported by sea and rail from Kobe to Moscow in 14 days as part of a trial of enhanced freight services which is being undertaken by Russian Railways and Japan’s Ministry of Transport, ‘The use of ...

  • The Yamanote Line in Tokyo could be used to pilot driverless operation (Photo: JR East).

    East Japan Railway studies driverless operation


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway Co has set up a team to develop plans for driverless operation, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reports . Trains would initially run with an onboard supervisor able to intervene in the event of an emergency, but in the longer term unattended operation is planned. JR ...

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    University alliance to promote high speed rail


    INTERNATIONAL: The International Union of Railways has moved to strengthen its nascent network of academic institutions which are intended to work together to promote the development of high speed rail. UIC first announced plans for its alliance of universities at the World Congress on High Speed Rail in Tokyo ...

  • Ankara hosted the 10th World Congress on High Speed Rail. The next Congress is expected to take place in 2019-20 in China.

    Competition is key as high speed rail keeps growing


    Global ridership has surged by 40% in the three years since UIC last staged its World Congress on High Speed Rail. Yet operators and policymakers must work hard to keep the rail mode ahead as competition grows both in and for the market. Benjámin Zelki reports from the latest summit ...

  • The Japan Overseas Railway System Association’s Japan Hall is now a regular feature of the InnoTrans trade fair.

    All aspects of Japanese rail technology in one place


    JORSA: The Japan Overseas Railway System Association’s Japan Hall is now a regular feature of the InnoTrans trade fair, and this year it will bring together 13 member firms to occupy the whole of Hall 7.2a. ‘Our members include suppliers, operators and institutes, enabling us to present all aspects of ...

  • Photos: Kazumiki Miura

    JR Central unveils ‘Supreme’ N700S


    JAPAN: Central Japan Railway unveiled its completed N700S prototype Shinkansen trainset at Hamamatsu depot on March 10. Emblazoned with a huge gold S for Supreme, the latest derivative of the Series 700 family will begin an extensive programme of test running on March 20. The first commercial sets are expected ...

  • Sagami Railway Series 20000 EMU (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura).

    Sagami Railway Series 20000 enters service


    JAPAN: Sagami Railway put into service on February 11 the first of its Series 20000 EMUs, which have been designed for future through running to Tokyo. Sotetsu Corp has ordered a fleet of six 10-car and nine eight-car Series 20000 EMUs to replace its older Series 7000 units. Built at ...