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  • Sagami_Railway_12000_series_Izumino_Line_Ryokuentoshi_Station_20190420

    Sotetsu orders Hitachi EMUs to work Tokyo through services


    JAPAN: As part of its ¥15∙7bn capital investment plan for the 2021 financial year, Yokohama-based Sagami Railway is to order four eight-car Series 21000 EMUs from Hitachi.

  • jp-keikyu-S1000-appearance-kmiura

    Keikyu banks on rotating seats


    JAPAN: Yokohama-based Keihin Express Electric Railway Co has unveiled the two additional Series 1000 EMUs that are expected to enter service from May 6.

  • jp-JR Central-HC85_series_hybrid-multiple_unit_on_test_2019-12-04

    JR Central sets out ¥722bn spending plan to stimulate post-Covid recovery


    JAPAN: JR Central has unveiled its investment priorities for the 2021-22 financial year, which began on April 1, as it seeks to recalibrate its business for the post-Covid recovery period, when restoring lost ridership will be a key priority.

  • jp-jreast-gmac-inspection-vehicle-cab

    JR East’s mobile maintenance unit takes to the rails


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway’s GMAC mobile maintenance unit is to ready be deployed from a base at Mito, following delivery of the third vehicle, the railway announced on April 16.

  • Seikan tunnel portal (Photo: Bmazerolles/CC BY-SA 4.0)

    Seikan tunnel Shinkansen speed-up saves 3 min


    JAPAN: Selected Shinkansen services through the twin-track 53∙9 km Seikan Tunnel between Honshu and Hokkaido will be permitted to run at 210 km/h during the May 3-6 ‘Golden Week’ holiday period, saving 3 min on the trip between Tokyo and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.

  • 01 Re-sized M13_5418 E131

    JR East’s driver-only Series 131 EMUs enter traffic on the Boso peninsula


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway has put into service its fleet of Series E131 EMUs on the relatively lightly used lines serving the Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture with effect from the March 13 timetable change.

  • jp Tokyp Metro passenger data
    Metro Report International

    Tokyo Metro improves train crowding data


    JAPAN: Following successful trials, Tokyo Metro has decided to roll-out the use of stereo depth cameras to provide real-time information on train occupancy. The system developed with Ueno Green Solutions and Cyber Core uses cameras with two closely-spaced sensors a known distance apart, and software ...

  • jp-levelxing-Shin-Omiya-MBent

    Japan addresses level crossing safety


    JAPAN: The Japan Transport Safety Board has published a series of recommendations to reduce the risk of level crossing accidents, with particular focus on the remaining crossings without barriers.

  • E233 on the Joban Line (Photo: えぬはち/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0)

    Joban Line ATO ready to launch


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway expects to start automatic train operation in commercial service on March 13, when the equipment goes live for Joban Line (Local) services in northern Tokyo.

  • Tokyo_Metro_17000_17102F_in_Fujimino_Station_01
    Metro Report International

    Series 17000 EMUs enter service in Tokyo


    JAPAN: Tokyo Metro put its first Series 17000 EMUs into revenue service on its 1 067 mm gauge Yurakucho and Fukutoshin lines on February 21, with minimum publicity as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Russian railway wagons

    Sportswear from Japan to the UK by rail and sea


    INTERNATIONAL: Operator Russian Railways and shipper Maersk have operated a first container train carrying Japanese goods bound for the UK along the Trans-Siberian route between Vostochny and St Petersburg. The train carried 40 40 ft containers of sportswear and equipment which had been transported by ...

  • JR_East_GV-E400_Niitsu_Station_20200404

    Gono Line DMUs replaced


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway has begun introducing new diesel-electric multiple-units to operate its Gono Line along the scenic northwestern coast of Honshu.

  • JR Central Series 315 impression

    JR Central orders Series 315 commuter EMUs


    JAPAN: JR Central has awarded Nippon Sharyo a contract to supply 65 Series 315 suburban electric multiple-units. The order announced on January 29 covers a total of 23 eight-car and 42 four-car units to be delivered in 2021-25. They will mostly be used on local commuter ...

  • E4-MAX-4

    JR East says sayonara to Series E4


    JAPAN: East Japan Railway has announced that it will withdraw its Series E4 double-deck trains from services on the Joetsu Shinkansen later this year.

  • traction_motor_1

    Magnetic wedges to boost motor efficiency


    JAPAN: A low-cost enhancement to improve the efficiency of three-phase traction motors has been developed by Toshiba Corp.

  • tn_sekisui-synthetic-wood-sleepers-bls.jpg

    Sekisui to produce synthetic sleepers in Europe


    NETHERLANDS: With more European infrastructure managers adopting synthetic wood for railway sleepers and bridge timbers, Japanese manufacturer Sekisui Chemical Co has announced plans to establish a local manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.

  • tuvsud-cbtc

    Mitsubishi Electric CBTC gets SIL4 certification


    JAPAN: Testing, certification and auditing specialist TÜV Süd has issued SIL4 certification for the latest version of Mitsubishi Electric Corp’s communication-based train control system. Version 1.0 of the CBTC had been certified by TÜV Süd in 2014, and version 1.5 offers an improved design and ...

  • jp-coal train in Japan

    Mikajiri Line closure brings Japanese coal traffic to an end


    JAPAN: The third sector Mikajiri Line is due to close on December 31, effectively bringing to an end the movement of coal by rail in Japan.

  • jp MHIENG Completes Delivery of 48 New 7500 Series Carriages for the New Transit Yurikamome Line
    Metro Report International

    Light metro cars bring a fresh breeze to Tokyo’s waterfront


    JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering has completed delivery of eight six-car Series 7500 rubber-tyred light metro trainsets which were ordered in September 2016 to replace Series 7200 sets on Tokyo’s Yurikamome Line. Formerly known as the Tokyo New Transit Waterfront Line, the 14·7 km automated ...

  • E7 Debut ceremony at Nagano station on March 15 (Photo: Kazumiki Miura).

    JR East to trial driverless Shinkansen operation next year


    JAPAN: JR East announced on November 10 that it plans to use a 12-car Series E7 high speed trainset to undertake a series of driverless test runs in October and November 2021 as part of its Change 2027 programme.