BELARUS: Minsk Metro’s first Stadler M110 trainset has entered revenue service on the Awtazavodskaya Line on February 5.

The four-car aluminium-bodied transit vehicle can carry 756 passengers, 168 seated, and is one of six 78·4 m four-car and four 97·7 m five-car trainsets ordered on January 2017. The air-conditioned trains are 2 650 mm wide and 3 690 mm high, have four 1 800 mm double-leaf doors, and are equipped with EPM-ATP asynchronous traction motors.

Although the first M110 is allocated to the Moskovskoye depot and currently operating on Line 2, the trainsets will eventually operate on Line 3 Zelenoluzhskaya when it opens on July 3 2020.

Minsk Metro is considering the purchase of further Stadler trainsets to replace older vehicles in use on lines 1 and 2.