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  • Ukrainian refugees at station

    International rail organisations say ‘sovereignty, self-determination, independence and territorial integrity’ must be respected


    UKRAINE: ‘We are firmly against the use of railways in armed conflicts’, the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail and the Organisation for Co‑Operation Between Railways said in a joint statement issued on March 21; it did not specifically mention Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The ...

  • Duisburger Hafen aerial view

    Port of Duisburg pulls out of Belarus


    BELARUS: German logistics group Duisburger Hafen AG announced on March 11 that it was ceasing all business activity in Belarus with immediate effect, because of the country’s support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Duisport will divest its 38·9% stake in Eurasian Rail Gateway which is ...

  • LTG Cargo loco

    Flat wagons recalled to prevent use in invasion of Ukraine


    EUROPE: Lithuania’s national freight operator LTG Cargo has stopped the leasing of its flat wagons and banned their transport to Russia or Belarus, out of concern that the governments could nationalise them and use them for military purposes as part of the invasion of Ukraine. LTG ...

  • Kyiv station and flags

    UIC suspends companies from Russia and Belarus


    INTERNATIONAL: The International Union of Railways has suspended the membership of companies from Russia and Belarus which are under international sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine. This includes Russian Railways. On March 8 UIC said it was committed to enabling international railway co-operation with the values ...

  • tn_generic-tracks-cz_b42c48.jpg

    Polish industry calls for ’full and complete’ sanctions on Russian and Belarusian railways


    EUROPE: Representatives of the Polish railway industry have issued a joint call for the European Commission to impose ‘full and complete’ sanctions on the Russian and Belarusian railways because of their logistical role in the invasion of Ukraine. The statement issued on March 3 is signed by ...

  • Kyiv station and flags

    Rail supply sector responds to Russian invasion of Ukraine


    Railway Gazette International  asked major companies from the railway supply industry how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is affecting their business activities.

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    Country profile

    Belarus - country map

    Belarus: national rail network map

  • VL80c-1601-rostov-1986-2
    In depth

    Smart maintenance: Locomotives find a new lease of life


    The delicate economics of rail freight and rapidly changing regulatory conditions have seen the emergence of a healthy market across a swathe of eastern Europe focused on the overhaul, modernisation and life-extension of Soviet-era locomotives. Vladimir Waldin provides an overview.

  • UTLC ERA containers
    In depth

    Eurasian rail freight growth is two years ahead of forecasts


    INTERNATIONAL: Transit traffic to and from China and Europe by rail is growing faster than predicted, with Alexey Grom, CEO of the largest operator UTLC ERA, reporting that the company is ‘two years ahead of our forecasts’ and expecting to see a further 20% growth in the rest of this ...

  • by BC orders CRRC locomotives (2)

    Belarusian Railway orders electric locomotives


    BELARUS: A contract for the supply of 15 Type BKG2 mixed-traffic AC electric locomotives has been signed by Belarusian Railway, China National Electric Import Export Corp and manufacturer CRRC Datong. The €64·3m contract agreed on December 29 is being financed ...

  • by Minsk metro Line 3 opening (3)
    Metro Report International

    Minsk’s third metro line opens


    BELARUS: The third metro line in Minsk was officially inaugurated with a ceremony at Kaval’skaya Slabada station on November 6. Passenger services were due to start at 12.30 the following day. The opening had originally been scheduled for August 9, but was ...

  • tn_pl-laude-smart-intermodal-wagons.jpg

    Laude Smart Intermodal orders 1 000 wagons to carry non-standard containers


    POLAND: Logistics company Laude Smart Intermodal has awarded United Wagon Co a contract to design and supply 1 000 flat wagons for carrying containers on the Russia – Poland corridor. Announcing the order on September 14, UWC said its Type 13-6724 would be the first 1 520 ...

  • tn_ru-wagons-rzd_12.jpg

    Fully digitalised transit freight between Asia and Europe


    INTERNATIONAL: Russian Railways, Belarusian Railway and FESCO have announced their first freight service between Asia and Europe to be managed using purely electronic transport documents, transit declarations and customs clearance. This forms part of the INTERTRAN technology programme which has been rolled out across the Russian Railways ...

  • President Aleksandr Lukashenko officially marked the start of electric operation on the first 36 km of the 141 km Zlobin – Barbarou – Mazyr line with a ceremony at Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie station on June 21.

    First phase of Belarusian electrification project completed


    BELARUS: President Aleksandr Lukashenko officially marked the start of electric operation on the first 36 km of the 141 km Zlobin – Barbarou – Mazyr line with a ceremony at Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie station on June 21. The 25 kV 50 Hz electrification project cost ...

  • by- m110 exterior factory Minsk_Stadler_01
    Metro Report International

    First Stadler M110 metro trainset enters service in Minsk


    Stadler M110 Minsk BELARUS: Minsk Metro’s first Stadler M110 trainset has entered revenue service on the Awtazavodskaya Line on February 5. The four-car aluminium-bodied transit vehicle can carry 756 passengers, 168 seated, and is one of six 78·4 m four-car and four 97·7 m ...

  • Photo: Benjámin Zelki
    Metro Report International

    Fast tram plan for Minsk


    BELARUS: A feasibility study is to be carried out for a 9·4 km fast tram route in Minsk after the city authorities approved the plan. The route would run from the existing tram terminus at Ploshcha Myasnikova in the city centre to the Sukharevo district in ...

  • tn_pl-terespol-tracks-pkpplk_01.jpg

    Poland-Belarus border crossing upgrades planned


    EUROPE: PKP Cargo’s Cargotor held an investor consultation event in late February to outline four options for modernisation of the Małaszewicze transhipment terminal near the border with Belarus. The meeting was attended by local authorities, terminal operators and railway companies. The modernisation of the transhipment terminal, co-financed from the ...

  • Stadler has presented a four-car metro trainset that it is supplying to Minsk Metro.

    Stadler presents Minsk metro train


    BELARUS: Stadler presented the first of 10 metro trains that it is supplying to Minsk Metro at its factory in the city on March 20. The four-car train is due to undertake testing at the factory before being transported by rail to a metro depot. Stadler is supplying six ...

  • Belarus.

    €2bn TEN-T rail action plan for Eastern Partnership countries


    INTERNATIONAL: The European Commission and the World Bank have co-authored an Indicative trans-European Transport Network Investment Action Plan which identifies priority projects to boost connectivity and economic growth in the Eastern Partnership countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The projects include 4 800 km of new or ...

  • The latest order will take BC's fleet of Stadler Flirt EMUs to 28. The trains will be assembled at Stadler's Fanipol plant near Minsk.

    Belarus orders more Flirts


    BELARUS: Stadler announced on January 17 that it had received an order from Belarussian national railway BC for a further 10 Flirt trainsets. The 1 520 mm gauge, five-car Flirt EMUs will be delivered in 2020, joining an existing fleet of 18 trainsets supplied in various batches since 2010. ...