West Midlands Metro extension to Edgbaston Village

UK: The Light Rail Safety & Standards Board is working with sector professionals to identify their current and future training needs and provide access to practical information and forums to share best practice.

This follows a workshop in Birmingham that brought together representatives of the Edinburgh, Blackpool, Sheffield, Manchester and West Midlands light rail networks. This highlighted how effective training can help employees feel valued, in addition to increasing safety.

‘The sector already recognises that effective training is vital to the safe and effective running of our tramways, but the benefits for individuals are sometimes overlooked’, said Craig O’Brien, Head of Engineering Safety & Innovation at LRSSB, on July 25.

’There is significant evidence suggesting that enhanced learning and development programmes are directly linked to improved staff wellbeing, which, in turn, has a positive impact on performance and safety.

‘Moving forward, the LRSSB will work with partners to encourage investment in training and is committed to playing a pivotal role in sourcing appropriate courses, work that overlaps with our increasing focus on the health of light rail employees.’