POLAND: The first of 10 bidirectional Moderus Beta trams has entered service on Route 1 of the Poznań network.

This is the first bidirectional tram in MPK Poznań’s fleet that is not completely high-floor. Until now the only bidirectional trams in service were fully high-floor GT8 vehicles, which are only used when turning loops are closed because of engineering work. The Moderus Beta trams will be used in regular service.

Modertrans is currently delivering two builds of trams to MPK Poznań. In December 2015 the transport authority signed a contract for 20 low-floor unidirectional trams. Deliveries of these started last year and 10 have so far entered service. In early 2016 a further 10 Moderus Beta trams were ordered, this time bidirectional models. These will be delivered this year, along with the remaining unidirectional vehicles, making half the fleet low-floor. The new trams are stabled at the Franowo depot and ul Głogowska sidings.