January 2016 issue of Railway Gazette International magazine.

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  • Cleaner, greener and leaner


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  • Northern section of Germany’s ‘reunification’ high speed line opens, Prasarana’s growing portfolio, All change at the top of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane

European policy

  • ‘Rail can contribute more’
    European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc outlines to Nick Kingsley her vision for rail’s role in the transport mix as the industry wrestles to implement policy directives and cope with the challenge of funding infrastructure investment
  • Two pillars, one market
    With the Fourth Railway Package expected to be adopted this year, the European Railway Agency is starting to prepare for its expanded remit, although the debate over liberalisation and competition rages on. Chris Jackson reports from Luxembourg
  • Making a competitive market work
    The IRG-Rail association of regulators is concerned that trends in European policy and attitudes to governance risk diluting much-needed reforms and stifling competition in both the passenger and freight sectors


  • Rethinking switches to boost reliability
    Now on test at Loughborough University as part of the Repoint research project is an innovative high-availability switch unit, designed to improve performance and redundancy while reducing the cost of turnout maintenance
  • Tracking down the origin of squats
    Joint research by Banedanmark, Speno and Voestalpine has increased the understanding of squat-type rolling contact fatigue and is informing possible measures to reduce the development of such cracking in the future

Tools & small plant

  • Innovations round-up
    Several novel tools and examples of small plant for infrastructure applications were on display at the Railway Interchange event in Minneapolis

In focus

  • Cards redealt in global industry reshaping
    The world’s railway supply industry looks fundamentally different after a year marked by changes to the established order. Murray Hughes investigates
  • Rail beats air in European fare comparison
    In stark contrast to public perception, analysis of air fares and rail ticket prices on key inter-city routes reveals that train travel can be significantly cheaper. Rail operators have much work to do to get this message across
  • All in the pipeline
    More than 4000 railway industry representatives gathered in Melbourne for the AusRail Plus event on November 24-26

Research & skills

  • Kasetsart University establishes Asean International Railway Academy, UIC Talent Project to attend WCRR 2016


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Rail Supply Industry Watch

  • At a time of contrasting economic fortunes and mixed prospects, we asked our panel of senior executives about their expectations for business in 2016

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