Coradia Duplex at Valenciennes (Photo: Alstom).

EUROPE: SNCF and CFL have exercised an option with Alstom and Bombardier for a further 14 three-car TER 2N NG Coradia Duplex double-deck EMUs for regional express services in France and Luxemburg.

Announced on January 13, the €82m order covers 10 units for CFL and one for use by SNCF in Haute-Normandie, and also incorporates three ordered in August for the Pays de la Loire region.

Alstom's share of the work is valued at €62m. Bombardier's €20m share includes the production of 14 complete cars and 42 powered bogies at its Crespin plant. Deliveries will begin in June 2010.

The order is the final option under a contract for up to 233 trains which was signed in September 2000. French regions have funded 168 trains which are now in service with SNCF, while a further 12 three-car sets have been supplied to CFL.

  • On January 13 Bombardier also announced a €24m order from DB for a further 16 double-deck coaches within a 2003 framework agreement for around 600 vehicles. Four intermediate coaches are destined for Niedersachsen, two driving and six intermediate cars are intended for Rhein-Sieg Express, and a driving car and three intermediate coaches will operate on the Schwarzwaldbahn.