FUNDING for the projected €1·8bn Citybanan project in Stockholm appears secure again following an agreement between the Swedish government, the city authority and the neighbouring regions.

City council elections in the autumn of last year saw control shift to a right wing grouping that vowed to cancel the city centre tunnel in the face of rising costs (RG 11.06 p697). However, the government has decided to press ahead and build the line, which should open in 2013.

The Citybanan project will divert suburban services from the congested 'wasp's waist' outside Central station to an underground alignment linking Tomteboda in the north of the city to Stockholms Södra.

Five local authorities in areas around Stockholm have offered to contribute towards the cost of the scheme provided the government allows them to call tenders for a 'greater regional' operating concession. Currently only services within a single region can be put out to contract.