THREE track-mounted mobile lifting jack systems are being supplied to Algeria’s national railway for installation in the depots under construction at Mecheria and Béchar.

Each consist of four jacks with individual capacities of 20, 25 and 35 tonnes and a lifting height extending up to 2 000 mm, giving the capability of lifting 140 tonnes 2 m off the ground. Inspection and testing of the system was carried out at Pfaff-Silberblau’s factory in Germany for the customer, French firm TSO, and the Algerian end-user SNTF. Final commissioning of the jacks is scheduled to take place this summer.

Den Haag public transport operator HTM has already begun using custom-made under-floor lifting jacks supplied by Pfaff-Silberblau. Two in-floor lifting systems with four platforms and 12 moveable 10 tonne capacity lifting jacks can be quickly adapted to suit different vehicle types and lengths, allowing bogies to be changed efficiently with the help of in-floor supports. The lifting jacks are designed to be used in conjunction with a mobile wheel lathe, and a lighting system is built into each of the lift beams to provide lighting while work is being undertaken underneath the vehicles.