INNOTRANS: Following the high-profile debut of its Maxima 40CC freight locomotive at InnoTrans 2006, Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik of Kiel will be showing the smaller members of its growing diesel-hydraulic family.

The Voith locomotive display will feature a 2750 kW Maxima 30CC, which shares many components with the more powerful 40CC, but is powered by a 12-cylinder variant of the ABC 16V DZC engine (RG 11.07 p724). Much attention will focus on the unveiling of the Gravita 10BB, representing the range of small-to-medium power locomotives for the shunting and short-haul freight market.

The Gravita range offers a choice of power ratings from 400 to 2200 kW, with all locomotives sharing a similar bodyshell with centre cab. Voith uses a modular cab design across all its locomotives to minimise driver training requirements. The Gravita will also use Voith’s latest SilentVent fan, which provides a 7 dB reduction in noise emission compared to conventional cooling equipment.

The four-axle 10BB is powered by an eight-cylinder MTU 4000 engine; a 15BB prototype has also been built, using a 12-cylinder MTU power pack. Voith intends to build 18 Gravitas in 2009, with the first deliveries of series production locomotives scheduled for the middle of next year.

The German group will also be showcasing the one4 auto-coupler, developed by Voith Turbo Scharfenberg, which is being supplied to Hyundai Rotem for the KTX-II fleet (RG 8.08 p518), and the TracSys modular control system to monitor anti-wheelslip equipment, brakes, transmission and vehicle lighting simultaneously.

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