SWITZERLAND: The first of five Combi multi-purpose infrastructure maintenance vehicles being supplied to Swiss Federal Railways by Windhoff was officially handed over at the IAF track technology exhibition in Münster on April 22.

The 20 m long machine is one of three variants based on a common platform and hydrostatic drive system. Powered by a 260 kW diesel engine, the vehicles are able to move at up to 40 km/h in operation, with full remote control, but can be towed in-train at up to 120 km/h between worksites.

The Combi features a vertical-lift working platform and a crane, which are also powered from the hydrostatic drive, as well as power take-off outlets for hand-held tools. With a tare weight of around 58 tonnes, the vehicle can carry up to 14 tonnes of material without exceeding the maximum 22?5 tonne axleload.

SBB has ordered a total of 22 of the modular vehicles from Windhoff, split between all three types. The first of four Hubi vehicles combining a small staff accommodation and toilet module plus a working platform was handed over in December 2008. The Combi is the second type to be completed, and the first of 13 Krani units with two cranes is due to be delivered in mid-2010.

Also on display at IAF was a high-speed multi-purpose unit supplied last year to Dutch high speed infrastructure concessionaire Infraspeed. Able to run at 140 km/h under its own power, this will be used for maintenance work on HSL-Zuid. The 22·6 m long unit shares common elements with the SBB vehicles, but has a new design of bogies suitable for running at higher speeds and is powered by two 390 kW engines.