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    The Cybersecure Railway

    2017-11-30T12:57:00Z Sponsored by

    Digitisation of main line and urban railways is gathering pace as policymakers push operators and infrastructure managers to enhance the capacity and efficiency of their networks. But with the widespread adoption of networked tools comes an increasing need to mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats.

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    ​Predict and Prevent

    2017-07-11T14:09:00Z Sponsored by

    Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are changing the way in which increasingly busy railways are managed around the world.

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    The Metro of the Future

    2016-10-26T14:22:00Z Sponsored by

    High-capacity urban rail networks are becoming the essential mobility backbone of the modern city. Yet as we move into an era of technology-enabled ‘smart urbanisation’, metro operators and project developers will need to keep pace with changing user expectations while seeking to maximise operational efficiency.

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    The Convergent Railway

    2016-05-17T14:54:00Z Sponsored by

    Data analytics and real-time feedback from rolling stock and lineside assets mean that operational systems and IT infrastructure are converging, raising the prospect of more efficient and responsive rail operations. Our latest Railway Gazette TV live debate on May 17 assessed how far the rail industry can realise the potential of these trends.