Snälltåget Berlin to Malmö overnight train (4)

EUROPE: The Berlin Night Express overnight train between Sweden and Germany will continue to run despite shipping company Stena Line’s plans to close the Trelleborg – Sassnitz ferry route which the train uses to cross the Baltic, operator Snälltåget has told Railway Gazette International.

Stena Line Sassnitz - Trelleborg ferry

Stena Line suspended ferry operations on the route because of coronavirus measures on March 14, and then on April 8 it announced plans to close the route permanently.

It said the ferry service carried 300 000 passengers/year, freight volumes and train traffic had declined, and its passenger numbers were not expected to recover until well into 2021. Stena Line also operates Trelleborg – Rostock and Göteborg – Kiel ferry services between Sweden and Germany.

However, the closures of the Sassnitz ferry serve ‘is not the end of the night train’, said Marco Andersson, Snälltåget’s Route Manager Malmö – Berlin, on April 14.

Snälltåget Berlin to Malmö overnight train (3)

Snälltåget has previously acquired 10 ex-DB City Night Line RIC couchette coaches for use from this year, and these could be used in co-operation with Stena Line on the Trelleborg – Rostock route or could run via Denmark.

‘Right now we are investigating both alternatives — but the night train will continue’, he said.