Railway track

GERMANY: Incumbent DB Regio has been directly awarded an interim passenger train operating contract while battery trains and charging equipment are procured to replace diesel multiple-units on the routes.

The interim contract awarded by transport authorities in Baden-Württemberg, Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz covers the West & Südpfalz network and services RE6 Neustadt – Landau – Karlsruhe Hbf and RB55 Landau – Pirmasens Hbf.

It runs for three years from the expiry of the current agreement on December 10 2023.

The authorities opted for a direct award as DB Regio can use the existing rolling stock, which it would not be economic to replace for the relatively short duration of the interim contract.

There is an option to extend the agreement if there is a delay to the award of a long-term contract.