CZECH REPUBLIC: Ostrava became the first city in the country with a rail link to its international airport when a single-track electrified line to Leoš Janáček Airport in Mošnov was inaugurated on April 13.

The KC553m project was 85 % funded by the European Union, with the remainder from the Moravskoslezský regional budget.

Construction involved two separate projects: the KC420m modernisation and 3 kV DC electrification of the 5·6 km line from Studénka on the Praha – Ostrava main line to Sedlnice, plus the construction of a 2·9 km spur and the new station at Mošnov-Ostrava Airport, linked to the terminal by a covered walkway. This was the country’s first ‘green field’ railway project for many years.

The airport is served by an extension of regional service S2 linking Mošnov with Mosty u Jablunkova via Studénka, Ostrava, Karviná and Bohumín. National operator ČD provides 10 trains each way per day, taking 30 min to Ostrava Hlavní station.

The services are currently operated by ČD Class 471 CityElefant double-deck EMUs. From the December 2015 timetable change these will be replaced by a pair of Class 650 RegioPanter two-car single-deck dual-voltage EMUs, which will be delivered as the first from a framework contract for 11 units ordered from Škoda Vagonka in February and 33% co-funded by the Moravskoslezský region.

The line is also expected to serve a new multimodal freight terminal in an industrial zone close to the airport.