SINGAPORE: Two contracts have been awarded to Thales for signalling enhancements across the island’s metro network, where ridership increased from 1∙78 million passengers/day in 2009 to over 2 million in 2010.

On February 1 SMRT signed a €118m contract with Thales covering the installation of SelTrac CBTC on the North South and East West lines. The network’s two oldest routes together total more than 100 km of track serving 54 stations. The replacement of fixed-block signalling by moving block will reduce peak-hour headways from 120 sec to 100 sec when the work is completed in phases from 2016.

Thales has also won a separate €24m contract from the Land Transport Authority to provide signalling for the Tuas West Extension, which will add 7∙5 km and four stations to the East West Line when it opens in 2018.