SEALANT: Henkel has launched the Loctite Axle Corrosion Protection System, a suite of sealants for application to axles to prevent corrosion.

The base coat of Loctite 7515 has been adapted from use in the automotive industry to rail vehicles. The conversion coating inhibits corrosion for up to three days before additional coatings are applied. Its cleaning and degreasing effect when applied to new axles can remove the need for sandblasting for good adhesion.

A flexible sealant is applied on top of the base layer to prevent corrosion at the axle transition and wheel overhang. This is then covered with a fast-curing two-part paint system for impact resistance.

A silane modified polymer is applied to fill the overhang gap to prevent corrosion on the axle transition radius. Terostat MS 939 is a structural bonding adhesive suitable for creating an elastic bond between large bond surfaces. This cures by reaction with moisture to form an elastic material.

The final coat is provided by Nordbak 7255 and 7226 polymer composites. These protect the axle from problems caused by wear, abrasion, erosion, chemical attack and corrosion. These VOC-free ceramic reinforced epoxies extend the life of the axle and can be used to restore the worn surfaces of old axles. They create a sacrificial and renewable working surface, protecting the structural integrity of the original substrate.