Swiss Federal Railways has launched its SBB Reiseplaner apps.

SWITZERLAND: Swiss Federal Railways has launched SBB Reiseplaner apps for iOS and Android, providing a door-to-door trip planner based on HaCon’s Hafas platform which includes multi-modal public transport connections, car sharing provider Mobility, private cars and private or hired bikes along as well as car and cycle parking.

The user selects an intermodal connection and is provided with all tariff details to facilitate booking. Valid SBB tickets are immediately visible and car sharing and P+Rail parking can be booked directly via the app, while for third-party service providers the user will be redirected to an appropriate app.

‘Rail services are no longer in competition with other modes of transport, they complement each other and can offer the utmost flexibility to those who combine them’, said Alexander Godescha, project manager at HaCon. ‘We are delighted to continue our long-term partnership with SBB by enabling individual and intermodal trip planning from a single source’.