EUROPE: Leasing company Transwaggon and ScandFibre Logistics have awarded Swiss firm Savvy Telematic Systems a five-year contract to supply and support Cargo Trac-I digital tracking equipment for 3 000 wagons. Installation began in February, following the completion of trials with an initial 50 vehicles which confirmed that the batteries could cope with cold Scandinavian winters.

The tracking devices provide real-time position data and configurable shock detection. Geofences at more than 1 000 points of interest such as freight terminals and yards enable the distance to the next 10 POIs to be included with each position report. Additional sensors can be added to detect temperatures or overloading, and software updates and configuration changes can be made remotely.

‘It is always important for Transwaggon to know where its 13 500 wagons are located’, said Managing Director Anders Nilsson. ‘With Savvy Telematic Systems we can easily also show our customers exactly where their goods and wagons are located with an accuracy of 2 m. Digitalisation makes it possible to provide information access to our technicians, planners and current and future customers, regardless of the country and on which railway the goods are shipped.’