GERMANY: DB Cargo is planning to run its main line diesel and shunting locomotives on HVO fuel, a carbon-neutral biofuel based on plant oils, for ‘last mile’ duties, including shunting, in freight terminals and ports or when delivering wagons to customers.

DB Cargo says its diesel locomotive fleet can be operated on HVO fuel without any reduction in performance, as demonstrated by extensive tests over recent months. Thanks to the use of biofuel, DB Cargo customers will be able to achieve end-to-end climate-neutral supply chains.

‘We have managed to square the circle: we can easily run freight trains for our customers with alternative fuels and the existing locomotive fleet in a completely CO2-neutral manner’, said Sigrid Nikutta, Board Member for Freight at Deutsche Bahn. ‘At the same time, we are investing in new technologies and will convert our diesel locomotives to hybrid technology. We can therefore offer our customers tailor-made, climate-friendly supply chains. Many customers have already made it clear that this is exactly what they are looking for: sustainability is the new gold standard in logistics, and we are literally implementing this down to the last metre of the supply chain.’