Azerbaijan Stadler Flirt DMU (Photo ADY) (11)

AZERBAIJAN: National railway ADY put its Stadler Flirt diesel multiple-units into service on the Baku – Ağstafa route on June 14.

In November 2019 ADY placed a €115m order with Stadler for 10 Flirt trainsets: four inter-regional DMUs designated DŞ1, three EMUs also configured for inter-regional services and three EMUs for regional services.

Azerbaijan Stadler Flirt DMU (Photo ADY) (12)

All are 3 480 mm wide, offering a spacious interior, and have a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The inter-regional units have a bistro and first class seats with electric adjustment.

Azerbaijan Stadler Flirt DMU (Photo ADY) (2)

The inter-regional DMUs are 106·76 m long including five passenger vehicles and a four-engine power module; they have 271 seats.

The five-car EMUs are 92·96 m long. The inter-regional variant offers 236 seats, while the regional configuration provides 255 seats plus standing space for short trips.

Azerbaijan Stadler Flirt DMU (Photo ADY) (9)

Stadler had been intending to manufacture the units in Belarus, but subsequently transferred production to Poland.

  • ADY has suspended the sale of paper tickets for services on the Abşeron circular railway in Baku, with tickets now being sold via its mobile app.