KVSZ Sggrss 80 ft wagon on test in Serbia.

EUROPE: Ukrainian rolling stock manufacturer Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works is negotiating with EU operators and leasing companies in the hope of winning contracts to supply new designs of 1 435 mm gauge wagon that it has developed for transporting containers and swap bodies.

‘Taking into account the current situation with Russia’s invasion of the territory of our country, we are forced to actively develop and move towards the development of co-operation with companies from friendly countries’, the company told Railway Gazette International.

KVSZ Sggrss 80 wagon in factory

KVSZ is based at Kremenchuk in central Ukraine, and had long experience of supplying and maintaining coaches, multiple-units, metro cars, wagons and bogies for the 1 520 mm gauge region.

In 2021 it began developing wagons meeting TSI WAG standards for use in the EU market, starting with a Sggrss 80 ft articulated flat wagon. This is 26·39 m long over the buffers, with a deck height above rail of 1 155 mm, tare weight of 27 tonnes and a maximum payload of 108 tonnes at 100 km/h or 93 tonnes at 120 km/h.

Testing of two prototypes to demonstrate conformity with TSI WAG and TSI Noise standards has now been completed, and the EU Agency for Railways approvals process is underway with a view to series production from Q1 2023.

A prototype Sggmrss 90 ft flat wagon is expected to be ready for testing in Q3 2022 and approval in 2023.

KVSZ is developing plans for further wagon types to meet EU needs, and says it is ready to take orders from European customers.