KVSZ metro train impression

UKRAINE: Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works announced on August 25 that it had won a €79·2m tender for the supply of 10 five-car metro trainsets to Kyiv.

KVSZ said that the price was approved by Kyiv Metro’s tender committee and a loan agreed with EBRD.

The contract is yet to be signed. It will include the supply of spare parts and consumables, maintenance equipment and related services.

KVSZ said its bid was 37% lower than a rival offer from Škoda Group.

KVSZ metro train interior impression

The open-gangway trainsets would have three motor cars with asynchronous traction drives, and domestically built bogies with central pneumatic suspension and disc brakes.

The trainsets would have capacity for 1 650 passengers, including two spaces for wheelchair users. They are to be 97 m long with a maximum speed of 90 km/h and planned service life of 50 years.

KVSZ is also offering the same design to the city of Kharkiv, which called tenders in May for the supply of eight five-car open-gangway trainsets. CRRC Tangshan had been selected under a previous procurement process in June 2020, but the trains were not delivered.