Book review

German Minister of Transport Wolfgang Tiefensee launched an updated edition of the European Railway Legislation Handbook at InnoTrans.

Published by the Community of European Railway & Infrastructure Companies, the handbook is an update of the 2004 first edition, and provides a comprehensive round-up of European railway legislation.

The first section provides a brief commentary on the development of European railway legislation, in English, German and French. It gives a non-technical overview of the context in which the legislation has evolved and should help readers gain an understanding of the central objectives of particular legislation.

The second part of the book is dedicated to the major legal texts. It includes the directive on opening up the international passenger market under the Third Railway Package, and interoperability directives aimed at facilitating cross-border services through technical harmonisation. This has increased the size of the book by almost 300 pages to 844 pages.

At the launch Tiefensee said the new edition ‘clearly shows the enormous progress we have already accomplished in developing a common European railway market in recent years.’

ISBN 978-3-7771-0389-1

€74 from Eurailpress, PO Box 101609, D-20010 Hamburg, Germany