AutoFlex multi-level wagon.

USA: Union Pacific's recently unveiled AutoFlex multi-level wagon has an internal rack structure that can be adjusted to carry road vehicles on two or three levels depending on size and customer requirements.

An improved design of end door provides convenient access and enhanced loading safety, and the tie-down chocks have been upgraded to increase protection against damage.

Chief Mechanical Officer Barry Kanuch said preliminary tests have been ‘very promising in terms of vibration, stability and overall ride quality’. According to Julie Krehbiel, Vice-President & General Manager, Automotive, ‘with the AutoFlex convertible multi-level, we can more easily adjust to changes in consumer purchasing trends and keep our customers’ products moving’.

Union Pacific has around 18000 multi-level wagons, serves five vehicle assembly plants and carries imported vehicles from one Gulf Coast and seven West Coast ports. Around 48% of its automotive shipments are to or from Mexico.