Beograd airport rail link plan

SERBIA: President Aleksandar Vučić has announced plans for development of the rail network by 2027, including proposals to begin construction of a rail link to Beograd airport.

The 18 km double-track electrified line designed for 120 km/h operation would run from Zemun Polje to Beograd Nikola Tesla airport. Construction is expcted to cost €140m, with work to start in 2026.

In the longer term the line would be extended from the airport to Obrenovac.

Vučić also said the modernisation of the 23 km Niš – Brestovac section of the Niš – Skopje line would start soon, along with upgrading of the Niš – Dimitrovgrad route.

Construction of a Niš railway bypass was also announced at the event on August 8.

Vučić said decades-long Beograd Centar station project is to be officially completed on October 20; it has been in use as the capital’s main station since 2016.

He also said that the first line of the Beograd metro would open in 2028.