GERMANY: A project to demonstrate the performance and long-term operating costs of diesel-battery hybrid shunting locomotives in daily service was launched by Deutsche Bahn, Alstom, DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing and the Land of Bayern on August 1.

Alstom's Stendal plant is to build five H3 three-axle shunting locomotives for DAL, which will lease them to DB Regio for eight years. The locomotives are to be used in regular service in Würzburg and Nürnberg from 2015, providing real-world and long-term data on fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance. The Land is providing €0·6m towards the cost.

The locomotives will have 350 kW diesel engines, but are expected to run on battery power for around 80% of the time. They are expected to use 50% less fuel than conventional diesel shunters and cut emissions by 70%. The locomotives' maximum speed will be around 100 km/h.

'Asset financing can be a challenge with new technologies', said Andreas Geue, CEO of DAL. 'We are convinced by this trend-setting technology and are pleased that we are able to contribute to this project with innovative risk transfer under the operating leases'.