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  • Maglev train test facility in Yamanashi prefecture (Photo: K Miura).

    Chuo maglev route announced


    JAPAN: Central Japan Railway Co has revealed details of the alignment of the planned maglev line from Tokyo to Nagoya. Announcing the route on September 18, the company said that it aimed to start construction work on the ¥5·4tr project next year, subject to government approval. Releasing information about station ...

  • (Photo: K Miura)

    Maglev testing extended


    JAPAN: Trials resumed on August 29 at the magnetic levitation test facility in Yamanashi prefecture following completion of work to extend the guideway. Transport Minister Akihiro Ota and JR Central Chairman Yoshiyuki Kasai were on board a demonstration run that day which attained a speed of 505 km/h. Tests on ...

  • CSR Zhuzhou's prototype Wind Chaser urban maglev.

    Wind Chaser urban maglev unveiled


    CHINA: A prototype maglev trainset for medium-capacity urban transport applications has been unveiled by CSR Zhuzhou. The manufacturer envisages the 'Wind Chaser' design being used in cities of less than 2 million people, where a full metro might not be required. The company has confirmed that negotiations are underway with ...

  • tn_jp-SeriesL0-maglev_02.jpg

    Chuo maglev station sites named


    JAPAN: JR Central has identified potential sites for intermediate stations on the proposed Chuo maglev route between Tokyo and Osaka, although these are subject to further investigation and environmental assessment. Early proposals had envisaged that the line would have stations only at Shinagawa in Tokyo, Nagoya and Shin-Osaka. However, local ...

  • tn_jp-SeriesL0-maglev.jpg

    Chuo maglev project endorsed


    JAPAN: Central Japan Railway announced on May 27 that it had received a directive from Transport Minister Akihiro Ohata 'to proceed with construction' of the planned 550 km Chuo Shinkansen maglev line between Tokyo and Osaka. Under discussion since the early 1970s, this is now expected to cost in excess ...

  • Photo: JR Central

    JR Central unveils L0 maglev


    JAPAN: Central Japan Railway announced on October 26 that it is to build 14 pre-production maglev vehicles as prototypes for the 500 km/h trainsets that it expects to put into commercial operation on the Chuo Shinkansen route between Tokyo and Osaka from 2027 onwards. The first five-car trainset will be ...

  • tn_airport-aircraft-nose-bat_06.jpg

    Airport maglev demonstration line


    SOUTH KOREA: A ground-breaking ceremony was held at Incheon International Airport on August 3 to mark the start of work on a 6·1 km maglev demonstration line (RG 5.08 p296). The line will have six stations and a maintenance depot. Maximum operating speed will be 110 km/h. ...

  • Impression of CNR Tangshan maglev.

    Tangshan begins maglev testing


    CHINA: CNR Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co has announced the start of tests of a domestically produced magnetic levitation train for medium and low-speed urban applications up to 120 km/h. The prototype has been developed by China Northern in conjunction with Beijing Enterprises Holdings Maglev Technology Development Co and the ...

  • The General Atomics test track uses passive maglev technology. (Photo: David Lustig)

    Freight maglev on test


    USA: We reported last year that Union Pacific had commissioned a study into an 8 km maglev conveyor to shuttle containers between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and its Intermodal Container Transfer Facility. Suitable technology is now under development in San Diego, where General Atomics has built ...

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    Tests to cease on Emsland guideway


    GERMANY: ‘This is not the end of the Transrapid maglev technology’, affirmed Transrapid International on April 2 last year after the proposed 37 km maglev line linking München city centre with the airport was abandoned (RG 5.08 p290). The words returned to haunt the company on December 10 when ...

  • Intermodal train.

    Freight maglev study


    USA: Despite a conspicuous lack of progress in developing maglev for the passenger sector, it seems that North America remains fixated with the concept. We hear that Union Pacific has commissioned Skytech Transportation and American Maglev Technology to develop a feasibility study for an 8 km maglev line to ...

  • Impression of maglev train.

    Urban maglev opportunity


    SOUTH KOREA: Hyundai Rotem's Chief Operating Officer, Total Rail Systems, Lee Sang-Kil is excited by the prospects in the urban maglev field, particularly in the domestic market where cities are moving their focus from heavy metro lines to automated peoplemovers, rubber-tyred mini-metros and 'light rail' feeders serving housing, retail and ...

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    Soaring costs undermine München maglev


    GERMANY: Citing severe cost escalation, German Federal Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee joined the President of Bayern Günther Beckstein at a meeting on March 27 to discuss the future of the proposed Transrapid link from Franz-Josef Strauss airport to München Hauptbahnhof (RG 10.07 p591). The meeting concluded with an agreement ...

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    München maglev funded


    ON SEPTEMBER 25 the regional government of Bayern reached an agreement to fund a €1·85bn maglev to link Franz Josef Strauss Airport with München Hauptbahnhof. President of Bayern Edmund Stoiber announced the agreement in a national television address. The funding gap between the state and DB has been bridged ...

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    Chuo maglev priced


    CENTRAL JAPAN Railway has stepped up its campaign to build the long-planned Chuo Shinkansen as a maglev link between Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. In August the company issued its first detailed cost estimate, putting the first stage from Tokyo to Nagoya at ¥5 000bn. Three years ago the ...

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    A ride on Shanghai's maglev


    Andrew Sharp takes a trip to Pudong

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    Linimo hovers close to take-off


    INTRO: Test running has started on a 9 km light metro being built to serve next year’s World Expo and a research and development zone to the east of Nagoya ’IN HARMONY with the environment’ proclaims the yellow flag, fluttering high above Nagoya’s main station. It is advertising the 2005 ...

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    Maglev triumphs and falters


    PROMOTERS of magnetic levitation technology in China celebrated the launch of the world’s first fare-paying high speed regular maglev service on December 29 between Shanghai Airport and Pudong. Maglev vehicles formed of five sections depart at 20min intervals, reaching a maximum speed of 430 km/h on their 71/2min journey over ...