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  • World Congress on High Speed Rail: a sober outlook in Tokyo


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  • Pause and reset as Britain reviews infrastructure management and competition, East meets west at Unife reception in Tokyo, Pakistan Railways out of intensive care

Track maintenance

  • Understanding and improving the track system
    The Track 21 programme is exploring various mechanisms driving the degradation of ballasted track
  • Managing track stiffness in transition zones
    Even in an era of highly mechanised maintenance, transition zones still require particular attention to manage variations in track parameters caused by the change in substructure
  • Dual-mode machines are the next step
    Plasser & Theurer is producing three electro-diesel track machines capable of undertaking tamping, ballast regulation and stabilisation while being powered either by diesel powerpacks or overhead catenary
  • Long rails will last longer
    As part of a strategy to eliminate welds and lengthen rail life, Union Pacific is adopting longer head-hardened rails which are delivered to California using a purpose-built ship
  • NR tests synthetic bridge beams
    Network Rail has started site trials with synthetic cross sleepers and longitudinal baulks made from fibre-reinforced foamed urethane

Alpine corridors

  • Longest tunnel will transform transalpine traffic flows
    Swiss Federal Railways expects passenger traffic on the Gotthard corridor to double by 2025 thanks to opening of the Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnels
  • Moving freight across the mountains
    Major infrastructure projects now in progress will significantly reshape rail freight links across the eastern Alps through Austria and Slovenia


  • Innovations round-up
    Apple Pay introduced in London, geofenced mobile ticketing in Mumbai, HKX fares on Qixxit

In focus

  • Unife warns against complacency
    Much remains to be done before the Fourth Railway Package is adopted by member states. Murray Hughes reports from Unife’s 2015 General Assembly in Bucuresti
  • Bigger, heavier, faster
    Chris Jackson reports from the 12th IHHA conference in Perth as the heavy haul community takes on emerging technical challenges
  • Heavy haul electric on test
    The HXD2F prototype developed by CRRC Datong is China’s first locally-built locomotive with a 30 tonne axleload
  • Studying the compatibility of eddy-current brakes
    This month sees the conclusion of the ECUC project to investigate the use of eddy-current brakes

Research & skills


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  • Pessure is growing to improve cross-border passenger services in Europe, believes Train2EU’s David Kramer

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