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  • Stop chasing a chimera


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  • No more trains to Newcastle
  • Slow progress on the Fourth Railway Package
  • Mumbai plans suburban capacity enhancements

Metros & light rail

  • Reshaping the Muni Metro
    Opening of the Central Subway in 2018 will extend the reach of San Francisco’s busy light rail network, while the delivery of new Siemens LRVs is expected to improve reliability and reduce operating costs
  • New year, new lines
    The end of December saw a flurry of activity in the Chinese urban rail sector, with the completion of one tram and 11 metro projects
  • Northern Line projects boost Underground capacity
    With daily ridership on London Underground’s Northern Line about to pass 1 million passenger-journeys, work is forging ahead on a series of upgrading and capacity expansion projects, which will help to accommodate rising demand across the UK capital
  • Optimising energy consumption in urban rail systems
    The EU-funded Osiris research project has been looking for technical and operational innovations that can help to cut the energy consumption of urban railway operations by 10% between now and 2020, explains Project Co-ordinator Andrea Demadonna

Middle East

  • Trams for extreme conditions
    The first modern tramway in the Gulf region includes several technical innovations to overcome the challenges of operating in the demanding local conditions
  • Haramain contractors given notice to make up lost time
    Delays in completion of the high speed line between Saudi Arabia's holy cities have prompted high-level intervention


  • Passenger information systems
    Big screens installed in Brisbane and Melbourne, First Great Western seeks integrated information during disruption

In focus

  • The most prolific year
    More than 3000 km has been added to the Chinese main line passenger network since the start of December, most of it comprising high speed lines. Andrew Benton reports from Urumqi
  • Joining the 200 km/h club
    PKP Intercity launched its first 200 km/h Express Intercity Premium services with the timetable change on December 14, using a fleet of 20 non-tilting Pendolino trainsets supplied and maintained by Alstom

Research & skills

  • Railway technical school to be established in Tbilisi
  • DB focuses on returning staff


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  • Faced with an unprecedented number of challenges, the public transport industry must grasp the opportunity for change if it is to help shape the urban landscape of the future, believes UITP Secretary General Alain Flausch