The federal transport ministry has added 29 rail projects included in the 2030 transport infrastructure plan to its priority list for implementation (Photo: DB/Frank Kniestedt).

GERMANY: Following detailed studies, 29 rail projects included in the 2030 federal transport infrastructure plan have been added to the priority list for implementation, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer announced on November 6.

The decision follows examination of the cost-effectiveness of 44 potential projects, some of which could be added to the priority list at a later date following further studies. The chosen schemes can now be planned in detail, but implementation remains subject to further approvals and funding allocations.

The approved schemes include 22 new or upgraded routes, six projects to remodel railway hubs and measures to permit the operation of 740 m long freight trains. Scheuer said the schemes would be of benefit to regions and to the entire network, eliminating bottlenecks, creating more capacity and providing the infrastructure needed to support more clockface operations.

Project number Scope Route
3 Modernisation München – Mühldorf – Freilassing (including Walpertskirchen link to allow direct München airport – Salzburg services and double-tracking Tüßling – Freilassing)
4 Modernisation/New line Nürnberg – Erfurt (including works to reduce journey times and the Fürth Tunnel)
6 Modernisation Nürnberg – Schwandorf/München – Regensburg – Furth im Wald – Czech border
9 Modernisation Dutch border – Kaldenkirchen – Viersen – Rheydt-Odenkirchen
10 Modernisation Augsburg – Donauwörth
13 Modernisation Gotha – Leinefelde
15 Modernisation Stuttgart – Backnang/Schwäbisch Gmünd – Aalen – Nürnberg
16 Modernisation Kehl – Appenweier
17 Modernisation Landshut – Plattling
18 Modernisation Lübeck – Schwerin
20 Modernisation Weimar – Gera – Gößnitz
21 Modernisation Regensburg – Mühldorf
22 Modernisation Niebüll – Klanxbüll
24 New line Studernheimer curve (Mannheim)
25 Modernisation Hamburg – Ahrensburg
26 New line Dresden – Praha
27 Modernisation Lehrte/Hameln – Braunschweig – Magdeburg – Roßlau
28 Modernisation Cuxhaven – Stade
30 Modernisation Münster – Lünen
31 Modernisation Leipzig – Chemnitz
32 Modernisation Wilster – Brunsbüttel
33 Modernisation Berlin – Angermünde – Pasewalk – Stralsund
37 Upgrades to accommodate 740 m long freight trains
38 Remodelling Frankfurt (including Nordmain S-Bahn)
39 Remodelling Hamburg (including S4 Ost und West)
40 Remodelling Hannover
41 Remodelling Köln (including West chord and Köln - Mülheim link)
42 Remodelling Mannheim
43 Remodelling München