Centre for Electric Transport & Driverless Technologies (Photo Moskva Metro)

RUSSIA: Moskva Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has inaugurated a Centre for Electric Transport & Driverless Technologies which aims to bring developers together in one place to foster innovation.

Projects being worked on include a driverless tram, a virtual Troika card enabling a smart phone to be used instead of a smart card or printed ticket, remote Troika card top-up and biometric fare payment.

Many of the staff at the 8 000 m2 centre in the Kuntsevo district are current students or graduates of the city’s universities, and the centre will host lectures on science and technology which will be open to anyone interested.

‘Young professionals will work in a unified space with comfortable conditions, enabling them to effectively solve complex tasks, exchange experiences and make our transport system even more modern’, said Deputy Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov after the opening on May 23.