Ivolga 4 EMU (Photo Moskva Metro) (1)

RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Ivolga 4·0 electric multiple-units were put into service on Moskva Central Diameter Line D4 with a ceremony on May 2.

The EMUs are being produced at TMH’s Tver plant with 97% domestic content and the involvement of 50 000 people from 600 companies in 32 Russian cities.

Ivolga 4 EMU (Photo Moskva Metro) (5)

Changes from previous versions of the Ivolga family include a third door per coach side to accelerate passenger flow by up to 30%, an increase in capacity of nearly 100 passengers to 2 533 per 11-car set, a redesigned front with a more streamlined appearance, and opening buttons located on either side of the door.

Ivolga 4 EMU (Photo Moskva Metro) (2)

Changes to the cab include 100% redundancy of the control systems, the ability to change direction in just 1 min to minimise dwell time at termini, diagnostic and performance information displayed on two screens instead of one to give a more comprehensive view, internal and external CCTV, adjustable ergonomic seats for the driver and assistant, a cooled cup holder and electronic card access.

Ivolga 4 EMU (Photo Moskva Metro) (4)

‘The development of the Moskva Central Diameters is a top priority for the city’, said Deputy Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov.

‘This year, we will introduce 53 modern trains on the new diameters. By the end of 2024, we plan to update the rolling stock on long distance commuter routes on Line D3. And on D4 we will complete the replacement of trains by the end of 2025.’

Ivolga 4 EMU (Photo Moskva Metro) (6)

He added that ‘the production of these trains not only improves the city’s transport system but also contributes to the development of the domestic industry’.