COMPONENTS: Westermo has launched an ethernet broadband bridge designed for rolling stock applications. Part of the Wolverine series of industrial ethernet extenders, the DDW-002-B1 can be used to link ethernet networks via existing cables in the vehicle coupling. The manufacturer says this offers considerable savings in refurbishment projects, as is does not require the coupler to be rebuilt or replaced.

The DDW-002-B1 uses power-line communication technology complying with the IEEE 1901 standard and is able to support data communication networks by propagating high-bandwidth ethernet traffic over almost any two-wire cable. Westermo says this proven technology is highly robust and able to negate problems with degraded legacy cabling, such as oxidised connectors.

The unit requires no configuration, and plug-and-play functionality allows rapid installation and commissioning, providing a more robust and cost-effective option compared to wireless technologies, the company claims.