DISPLAY: In response to customer requests, Infotec has launched the MD42P mobile passenger information display designed to enable station operators to show additional information or special notices at busy periods.

The GRP-clad unit incorporates Infotec’s recently-launched 42 inch TFT poster display panel, which can be maintained from the front. This can be powered from a mains supply or using an optional onboard battery which can drive the unit for up to 20 h on a single charge.

The unit is designed to be very manoeuvrable, fitting through a standard disabled access doorway and into service lifts. To ensure it cannot be moved accidentally or roll away it has a ‘dead man’s handle’ that applies the brakes when released. There is also an eye bolt at the bottom so the unit can be tethered if being left in one place for a long time.

Data is delivered wirelessly using GPRS, 4G or 3G, and the display can be used in conjunction with Infotec’s Javelin web-based back office system to show anything from routine train running information to news and weather feeds or secured social media content.