2M62UM locomotive.

LATVIA: The first of 14 twin-section Lugansk-built 2M62Us locomotives which are being rebuilt as Type 2M62UM locos was unveiled on May 20.

The project is being undertaken at state railway Latvijas Dzelzceļš’s Riga workshops under the supervision of CZ Loko, and aims to significantly lower the cost of operation and maintenance, extend the service life and improve crew comfort and safety.

The 2M62UM retains only the bogies and underframes from the donor locomotive, and is fitted with 2·2 MW MTU 16V Series 4000 R43 engines meeting Euro IIIA emissions regulations.

Testing is scheduled for June, before the locomotive returns to service hauling freight traffic from Russia and Belarus during July. The last of the 14 locomotives is scheduled for completion in 2017.